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Or £30 if booking with a friend

A 3 step process that gently perms the natural brow hairs and sets them in a new longer, fuller and fluffy shape. Includes tint and wax, after care oil and brush.

This treatment price includes:

  • A required patch test at least 24 hours prior to appointment

  • The Brow Lamination Treatment

  • Tint and wax finish if wanted/needed

  • A FREE tub of aftercare oil

  • A FREE brow brush

This treatment is perfect if:

  • Your eyebrow hairs are growing in different directions

  • You have gaps in your brows

  • You are looking for a natural fluffy brow

  • You are looking to achieve a groomed eyebrow look

  • You want a fuller brushed up style of brow

The treatment lasts between 5-8 weeks


Tint and brow tidy up 2-4 weeks after initial treatment

Add an oil top up also - £2