Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing

Starting from £75

 This treatment uses clever science to remove fat cells from the body. With a vacuum system sucking the treatment area into the handle and cooling temperatures down to -5 degrees. This triggers a process called Apoptosis - a natural cell death. These cells then leave the body through the lymphatic system. During your treatment we will carry out a full consultation and discuss your body and aims. We will also take photos and measurements of the treatment area.

  • This is a non invasive treatment targeting stubborn pockets of fat

  • Up to 40% of fat cells in an area can be treated from just one session

  • Fat cells are permanently destroyed

  • Suitable for a range of areas including upper and lower abdomen, back, arms, thighs, chest and neck.

  • It ca take 4-12 weeks to see results

  • Treatment can be repeated after 4 weeks

  • This is NOT a weight loss treatment

  • Works great alongside a balanced diet and exercise

Take a look at our Fat Freezing packages below.

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Single Handles

  • 1 Handle - £75

  • 2 Handles £125

  • 3 Handles £200

  • 4 Handles £250


Belly Buster

  • 4 Handles - £250
    This is 4 handles on the abdomen - 120 mins treatment

Back Buster

  • 2 Handles - £125
    This is 2 handles on the back area - 60 mins treatment

Bye, Bye Bingo

  • 2 Handles - £125
    This is 2 handles, 1 on each arm - 60 mins treatment

Thigh Die

  • 4 Handles - £250
    This is 4 handles, 2 on each thigh - 120 mins treatment


  • 1 Handles - £75
    This is 1 handle, on the chin.neck area - 45 mins treatment


  • 2 Handles - £125
    This is 1 handle on each breast area - male only - 60 minute treatment

Fantastic Freeze

  • 10 Handles - £600
    This is 10 handles anywhere on the body - used within 2 months

Please note:

 You can not get this treatment if you have the following: 

  • Liver or Kidney problems

  • Heart or Lung conditions

    • Including: Sillicosis or other chronic respiratory disorders​

    • Those with a pacemaker or other implanted electrical equipment

    • Those reliant on artificual heart/lung machines, portable ECG equipment or similar

  • Reynaud's disease or other vaso constrictive disorders

  • Suffers of physiological hypotonic

  • Hyper or Hypotension (High or Low blood pressure)

  • Cardiovasular or cerevral diseases

  • Immune system disease (HIV or aids)

  • Urticarial or other immune disorders

  • Hypoproteinemia (High levels of protein in the blood)

  • Frostbite intolerance

  • Umbilical hernias, hernias or weak stomach muscle walls (past or present - abdominal treatments only)

  • Severe diabetes, elderly infirm or young children

  • Post invasive surgery in the area - wait at least 2 months to avoid scar tissue

  • Artificial implants, bones etc.

  • Persons with metal plates or joint implants (in treatment area)

  • Sites of prior cosmetic surgery (in treatment area)

  • Pregnant or immediately after birth - must wait 6 months after a natural birth or 12 months after C-section