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Zoe specialises in gel nails.  Offering a comfy chair and relaxing place for your treatment in the studio.

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This treatment consists of tidying the nails first - pushing all cuticles back and shaping the nails to your desired shape. You then have the choice of over 50 colours and glitters to chose from. Each gel polish treatment will start with a base coat and either 2 or 3 coats of colour followed by a top coat. Finishing with a touch of cuticle oil.

Why not upgrade your treatment and go for a set of glitter nails?

Glitter is 50p per nail or a full set upgrade for just £3. We also offer the gorgeous unicorn nails. Make your nails stand out from the crowd with this cool holographic look for only £5 a set upgrade (or £1 per nail.)


This treatment starts by pushing all cuticles back and tidying up the nails. you can then chose from the 50+ colour choices. A base coat, 2/3 layers of colour and a top coat will be applied. Followed by cuticle oil rubbed in.



Removal takes around 10 minutes and consists of acetone and soaking the gel off. By coming back for your removal you will prevent damage to the nail. Removal alone is £6 or with another treatment is £5. Alone you will have gel removed and then finished with cuticle oil. Having further treatments you will have the gel removed then please refer to the above for the following steps of the treatment.



How long will my gels last?
For gel fingers we would usually expect around 2 weeks. Be sure to follow the aftercare advice to get the most out of your gels. With gel toes you could be looking at 4+ weeks. Remember to follow the aftercare advice.


How to get the best from my treatment?

Remember nails are JEWELS not TOOLS. After your treatment treat your nails nicely, if youre washing up or gardening wear gloves. If you do get a chip then gently file the edge away. Do NOT pick off your gels. Be sure to keep up regular appointments (timings above) and get them removed correctly.

Do you do acrylics?

Sadly I no longer offer this service, this is for gel polish on natural nails.

Are gels damaging?

NO! A gel polish treatment is not damamgin for your nails - infact it can be quite the opposite. The extra layer of gel can actually help protect the nail and help with growing the natural nail.

I bite my nails and need help!

Please email and we can set up a nail biters course. Tailored and suited just for you!