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Using a blade and pigment to create realistic, soft, natural looking pigment strokes and create a semi permanent eyebrow. Each brow treatment is completely unique and tailored to you so that they perfectly compliment your unique face shape and size, no templates are used - measuring and designing your brows whilst also altering them to fit your style and how you like your brow to look- these strokes will create your perfect brow that lasts between 10-18 months.


This treatment is perfect if you are:

  • Looking to fill over-plucked brows

  • Have gaps or sparse brows

  • To add thickness and definition 

  • Want a more even and better shaped brow

  • Have no brows at all and want them to look natural

  • Had previous work that you want covering

  • Want to save time penciling your brows on

With only the best quality pigments being used the strokes with gradually fade  naturally over time and stay true to colour. Individually sterilised items and single use tools being used for your safety. A £50 booking fee is required for all brow treatments - you will find the details in your confirmation email. Make sure to read through the following information so you know what to expect from your appointment. Contact Zoe on for any further informatio


What is microblading/ombre and powder brows and how is it different from tattooing?

Microblading involves using a very small blade and putting pigments in to the skin to create hair strokes and shading. Perfect for filling in gaps of missing hairs, defining shape or just giving a fuller, thicker brow. This treatment is similar to normal tattooing but doesn't go as deep in to the skin.

How long will the brows last?

The effects lasts up to 2 years, fading slowly during that time. You will have your initial treatment and top up within 2 months. After this it is down to the individual when you come back for further top ups.

Will they look good straight away?

You may have some redness around the brow area straight after the treatment. Your eyebrows may also appear quite dark for the following days, before they begin to scab. This is completely normal and part of the bodies healing process. You will receive an aftercare kit of healing gel to apply once a day. Because of skins natural regeneration after the recovery period your brows will appear lighter, and in some cases may appear slightly uneven. This is completely normal, due to this a top up is required within 2 months of your first booking to ensure the brows are perfectly even and to the desired colour, everyones skis heals at different rates.

How much is microblading and top ups in the future?

Please look through PRICES for more information

Can I pay on card?

Unfortunately not at this moment in time, payment is to be made wish cash, bank transfer or paypal.

What colours do you have?

We have a wide range of pigments to suit all sorts of skin tones and tastes. Each colour is tailored to you from the lightest blonde to the darkest browns


Do I have to come for a consultation or patch test?

No, everything will be done during the 2 hour appointment of your initial treatment.

Do I come with my eyebrows pencilled already?

You are welcome to come with your own eyebrows drawn on, all makeup is removed from the eyebrow area before treatment. We do not shave or remove hair during the treatment. Feel free to pluck stray hairs out before the treatment. We do not wax or thread the area and may just pluck the odd hair that is out of shape.

Does it hurt?

This treatment does come with a minimal amount of pain, during the treatment numbing gel will be added for your comfort. 


Can you explain the treatment?

This is what you can expect from your eyebrow appointment:

  • You will begin by filling out a consultation form

  • Once complete we will work together to design the best brow for you

  • Each treatment is uniquely tailored to you, whether you are coming to fill in patchy brows, get the perfect shape or just achieve a thicker fuller brow.

  • They will be pencilled on and hand measured using a tool so that they perfectly compliment your unique face shape and size, no templates are used.

  • Once checked in the mirror we then mix your shade of pigment and begin treatment.

  • The tools used are single use, individually wrapped and pre-sterilised for your safety, numbing gel will be applied mid treatment for your comfort

  • Once complete and you are happy we will apply a layer of healing gel.

  • You will not only leave the studio with a fresh set of brows but you will also leave with a FREE aftercare sachet of ointment to apply whilst your brows are healing over the following week.

  • You can then book in for your top up within 2 months.

What if I want to cancel or change my treatment?

For any eyebrow treatment we require 48 hours notice of any cancellations, you are welcome to rearrange your booking before this time also by emailing We understand sometimes things come up or you may become ill, if cancelled after this time we will try to accomodate where possible, although cannot guarentee to move your booking fee over to the new appointment. You will receive a reminder text the day before your appointment which is the perfect opportunity to advise if you cannot make it. Cancellations after the reminder text will lose the booking fee. No shows on the day without any warning or message will unfortunately lose their booking fee and not be booked in again in the future without full payment made.


  • Always avoid unnecessary touching, scratching or picking of the treated area

  • Always wash your hands before and after touching the treated area.

  • If possibly wash your hair in a bath rather than a shower straight after to avoid, as much as possible, water going on to the treatment area.

  • Do not use skin products, creams, washes or makeup on the area whist it is healing (around 1 week post treatment)

  • Do use your aftercare healing cream

  • Do not go swimming, use sunbeds or bathe until  the treated area has healed.

  • Do not drink or sweat excessively straight after treatment.

  • Approximately 7-14 days after treatment all dryness should have gone and should be replaced with fresh skin.

General post procedure information
In order to keep your permanent cosmetic work in perfect condition it may be necessary to have maintenance appointments every 6-18 months, though this will vary for each individual. To avoid pigment fade for as long as possible, avoid excess exposure to the sun or UV rays and use a good sunscreen or moisouriser.