Have you always wanted a whiter smile but didn't want to pay through the roof? Or were worried it would be damaging or painful? Well this could be the treatment for you. Why not try this pain free, non-damaging, non-peroxide teeth whitening treatment. Remove years of built up staining with this 3 step treatment over an hour using light and gel, with a safe and legal method. Results may last from around 2-6 months depending on consumption of staining drinks and food. The top up and regular treatments thereafter are advised to maintain results.

  • 1 hour treatment - £50

  • 50 minute top up within 4 weeks - £20

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to prepare for your appointment

  • All results vary

  • Safe and legal method

  • No pain, No peroxide

  • No animal testing

  • Vegan friendly and gluten free gel

  • 3 machines, so can offer this treatment to you plus 2 friends - Check our our 'Smiles All Round' discount below

  • Make sure to book each person in separately so each of you definitely gets a spot

  • Add a comment in your booking to say if its for the £50/£20 treatment

  • Be prepared that you may be sharing your slot with other people

Smiles All Round

Come as a group of 3 to get your Teeth Whitening with 10% off. Each get your initial treatment for just £45pp.

  • Book online

  • Put your 2 friends names in the 'additional comments' box

  • Make sure there's 3 seperate beds available online when booking

  • And that you book during the same hour

  • Enjoy 10% off

Please read the following FAQ's before booking and if you have any further questions feel free to email Zoe at theroyalroomszoe@gmail.com


What is this treatment and will it damage my teeth?

This is a non-peroxide and non-damaging cosmetic teeth whitening treatment. You can enjoy a relaxing pain free treatment with only the best products. Teeth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface (enamel).

How can I get the best results?

Please be aware all results do vary. To get the best results from the treatment, book yourself a top up within 4 weeks. Book regular appointments to keep on top of the results.

How much is the treatment? And how much is a top up?

This service is £50 for the initial treatment then £20 top up within 4 weeks. Get 10% off with our 'Smiles All Round' offer - read above.

Can I bring a friend?

YES, we now have 3 machines, so up to 3 people can have this treatment within the same hour. You must book each person in separately. Why not bring 2 friends and eachget 10% off - read above for our 'Smiles All Round' offer.

How long will the results last?

Lots of staining foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, curry and tobacco will stain your teeth over time. Your teeth should stay noticeably whiter for between 2-6 months. You can book back in whenever you like there is no set time limit needed between appointments.

I have crowns/veneers/caps can I still have it done?

YES, this treatment will remove staining on your crowns/veneers/caps and they will return to the original colour. they were made

What if I am not happy with the results?

All results vary and its impossible to predict how much whiter your teeth will go. We suggest booking a top up treatment within 4 weeks of your initial appointment to get the best results. 

Who can't get this done?

You must be 16+ for this treatment. Also we do not recommend this treatment whilst pregnant.

What can I expect from my appointment?

You will be given a step-by-step guide at the beginning of your appointment and asked to follow very easy and simple instructions to give you the best experience and results.


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